Crystal Ranch Fly Fishing Guides

Whether you’re a new angler or seasoned vet, our expert guides can help you make the most of your time here on the water. Each guide has had years of experience fueled by a passion for fly fishing and a love of the outdoors. In addition to being an expert on our private section of the Yellowstone river and still waters, each guide has an intimate knowledge of the surrounding lakes and rivers they are happy to share with you. Crystal Ranch guides understand the day is all about you. If you want to practice a certain technique, expand your knowledge on a particular topic, hunt exclusively for the big boys, or just catch as many fish as possible, your guide will be there to make sure you end the day fulfilled. The quality we’re most proud of is the fact that in addition to being great anglers and teachers our guides are great people and you will enjoy being with them. Their love and passion for fishing this special place is contagious.

Catch a trout Grand Slam and
enjoy being on the river all by yourself

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