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The Lodge

The Lodge at the Crystal Ranch is intimate by design, with only 3 special guest rooms, however, the fine finishes, tasteful decor, and luxurious accommodations are something you would expect to find at the finest mountain resorts in Deer Valley, Park City, Aspen or any other first-rate resort town.

With amazing beds, comfortable sitting areas around the lodge, large bathrooms, and a beautiful kitchen at your disposal you are guaranteed to be completely comfortable. Add to this our impressive gourmet meals and you’ll know you are truly being pampered while you experience some of the finest fly fishing in the rocky mountain west.

The Ranch

The Crystal Ranch has a rich rustic history. The Crystal family homesteaded this incredible property around 1900 when the area, which had previously fallen within the Uinta and Ouray reservation was opened to settlement. The ranch was the focal point of the Crystal family’s cattle operation.

To this day the property functions as a working cattle ranch although much of the land is now designated as wildlife habitat. Today the property is home to an impressive number of wild animals including deer, elk, moose, coyotes, numerous bird species, and even an occasional black bear and mountain lion (although these are rarely seen).

This is mountain life at its finest, with clean air, a million stars and room to stretch your legs and step back into a time gone by.

Outdoor Activities

The outdoor activities at the Crystal Ranch have an extra air of excitement at all times because you know you are the only one here. You’ll never compete for the best water on the river or bump into others when you’re out on the water. The ranch is home to 3 miles of completely private trout streams. All of this just for you.

In addition to the amazing fly fishing on the ranch, you’re sure to enjoy riding ATVs, hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, or playing a round of “ranch golf” on our special environmentally sensitive course. In short, you will never run out of things to do at the Crystal Ranch.

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